Gina Owen has endorsed your work as Event Manager at MY House Catering.

Dear Elizabeth,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Dallas Cowboys Caterer of Choice...
The Cowboys love My House! The team has been using Mark & Elizabeth's My House of Fine Eats & Catering for over 8 years. As you can imagine, the players and coaches look forward to their meals & My House never disappoints. Coaching Assistant, Dina Ferriera, works with Elizabeth and her team on our strict nutritional requirements and raves about their consistent service, high quality food choices, and outstanding service. My House is always on time with friendly, professional staff. The Cowboys recommend their services."
Service Category: Catering
Year first hired: 2003 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

They enjoyed it, Russ said they commented on how healthy it was so yea, it was a hit!!

Now for Diane’s opinion, I was able to get a piece of chicken and it was wonderful!!!  I thought everything had great flavor and was very good!  I loved the dessert tray very much!

Diane D.

You are just Fabulous!

In fact Jacorey asked if you owned the company- I told him didn’t think so, but that she sure could fool you there…

They call that passion… RARE!!!

Keep up the good work as MY HOUSE is lucky to have you!!!!  Thank you, again for a great experience.. the food left quickly-

Joy D.

The meals were wonderful!!!  I love the care & attention to details that your people put into setting up the meals!  It shows me, as a customer, that your people take pride in their work & food!  Kudos to everyone!      


I’m envious…wish that I could be that detailed oriented!   

Debbie S.

Our party food was wonderful, and Juan took great care of us.  Thanks so much for making our event a success!

Becky H.

Lunch was absolutely wonderful, nothing but great comments about the set up and the food.  Your staff was awesome!

Dannet M.

I wanted to tell you what a great job you guys did on Saturday.  Everyone raved about the food!  My only regret is that I didn’t eat more since I was trying to talk with everyone.  Oh well, I decided that you guys will have to cater another event for us at some point so I can try the food again. 

Alexandra S.

I wanted to thank you for dinner last night.  The pecan chicken was amazing!  And the spinach just set it off.  The only thing I didn’t like was that I got too full before my mouth was ready to quit eating!

Laura F.

The party was a BIG success! Everyone had a great time...I have received several emails from individuals expressing their thanks. They especially enjoyed the fantastic food that you prepared for the party. The menu was perfect...Jerod loved the salmon. Your staff is the best!! They kept the food replenished which was very important as you know, in trying to serve 75 people. Thanks so much for your service. Jay and I look forward to using your catering service again and hope to refer you to many. 

Julie H.

We did miss you  but that is just because we like you!!  Anyway, the party went beautifully even though we had to have it all pretty much inside. The food was excellent and really fun to eat - especially the chicken cigar martinis - it was a great idea. Your staff was very professional and couldn't have been nicer.   Melissa was totally surprised which was the best part.  So thank you so much for being a part of another Duffield family moment.  The new baby is due in late June!!!  I will send you a photo when we have some.  Melissa already has posted some photos from the party if you want me to send them to you.  There are some great ones

of little Kate.  Thanks again!  We will keep in touch.
Maryellen D.

I had you down to email this morning! The catering was spectacular! We truly loved both the food and the presentation. Many thanks to all of your staff. We are looking forward to our catered events to come.
Whitney W.

Everything went really well, loved Kimberly!  She did an outstanding job and I really enjoyed the enthusiasm.

Big Kudos’ to her!

My group liked the food selection this time, everyone said it tasted good and they did go back for 2nd and 3rd helpings.

Loved it as always!  Have a great day!

Julie S.

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