BREAKFAST (15 person minimum)

MY House Catering Breakfast Menu

Heart Healthy Breakfast Selections

Monterey Skinny Quesadillas

Whole wheat flour tortilla filled with scrambled egg beaters, low fat jack cheese,
Pico de gallo, bell peppers and fresh spinach
House made salsa
Southwestern oven roasted breakfast potatoes
Seasonal Fresh fruit kabob
$10.95 per person
*Add turkey bacon or turkey sausage for additional $2.95pp

Egg white Scrambler
Gently Scrambled Egg whites
Turkey bacon or Turkey sausage patties
Oven roasted red potatoes
Whole Wheat bread for Toasting
Light margarine & sugar free jelly
$10.95 per person

The Light Power House Continental
Assorted whole wheat Bagel thins
Bran muffins
Seasonal whole fruit basket
House made power granola served with skim milk
MY House Mini Vanilla Yogurt parfait with fresh berries
$9.95 per person

Ultimate Heart Healthy Breakfast Sandwich
Whole wheat English muffin with egg beaters
Turkey bacon or turkey sausage,
Sautéed fresh spinach and low fat jack cheese with a light Sun dried tomato aioli
Herb roasted red potatoes
Seasonal fresh fruit kabob
$9.95 per person

Classic Breakfast Selections

 MY House Traditional Continental

Fruit platter with seasonal fruit and berries
Assorted breakfast bakeries to include Einstein's Bagels, MY house Cinnamon rolls, assorted muffins, apple and 
raspberry turnovers and mini croissants
Accompanied by
cream cheese, butter and assorted jellies
$9.95 per person

Southwest Delight
Fruit platter with seasonal fruit and berries
Southwestern breakfast tacos filled with eggs, onions, green bell peppers and chorizo or potato and vegetable,
served with house made salsa
Southwestern potatoes
$9.95 per person

My House Savory Breakfast Sandwich
Fruit platter with seasonal fruit and berries
Bacon or sausage, egg and cheese on a toasted English muffin
Country Potatoes
$8.95 per person

MY House Famous Brisket Breakfast Tacos
Fresh Fruit Platter with Seasonal Fresh Fruits and Berries
 Fluffy Scrambled eggs Mixed with Brisket, Egg and Cheese 
House Made Salsa
Southwestern potatoes
$10.95 per person

The Euro Breakfast
A giant croissant sandwich with fluffy eggs, Canadian bacon or Sausage & Cheese 
Sliced tomato on the side
Country potatoes
$9.95 per person

MY House Traditional Scrambler
Fluffy scrambled eggs
Country potatoes
Thick slices of smoked bacon
Bread for toasting with butter and jelly
$11.95 per person

Denver Scrambler
Fluffy scrambled eggs with diced ham, green bell peppers, onions and cheddar cheese
Country potatoes
$10.95 per person

Country Griddle
Fluffy scrambled eggs
Freshly baked biscuits and house made country gravy
Butter and jellies
Country Sausage Patties
$10.95 per person

Machaca Special
Fluffy scrambled eggs with sautéed onions, peppers, salsa, shredded beef and cheese
Flour and corn tortillas on the side
Southwestern potatoes
$11.95 per person

Sweet Temptations
Choose from made buttermilk pancakes or Belgian waffles to include:
Butter, maple syrup, blue berry sauce, sliced strawberries, chopped nuts and whipped topping
Fluffy scrambled eggs
Thick sliced bacon or country sausage patties
$12.95 per person

MY House French Toast Casserole 
Fresh Fruit Platter with Seasonal fresh fruits and Berries 
Baked to golden brown and served with syrup, Whipped topping and Nuts
Country Sausage Patties

Freshly brewed coffee service with sweeteners and cream
Assorted juice bottles
Freshly Squeezed Orange And Grapefruit Juice ons site
$4.95 per person

Fresh Oatmeal served with craisins, brown sugar, honey, milk and Blueberries $8.25 per person
Mini Chicken N' Biscuit with Honey $4.25 per person
Warm Sausage Kolaches $4.25 per person
Freshly made Biscuits and Country Gravy $6.25 per person
 Cottage Cheese $2.75 per person
Fresh fruit platter with seasonal fruit and berries
Seasonal Fresh fruit Kabobs
Fresh fruit bowl
$2.95 per person
Whole Fruit Basket for, feeds 10… $24.95
Fresh yogurt parfaits with vanilla yogurt, fresh berries and granola topping…$3.95 each (min. 8 per order)
Add Bacon or sausage to any menu…$3.95 per person

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